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andisaidmaybe's Journal

3 March
this is the slags livejournal...
am sure you will all be laughing at my neekiness, but no writing, only pictures---and little captions for pictures ok? and all of you may feel freeeeeee to write whenever you would like : ) love you all x
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'are muslims jewish?', 'good one mary', 'got a big knooooooob', 'its all abouttttttt you', 'safe skin safe blud', 'she will be loved', 'splendham', 'whats gwanin minger!?', 'yah man', *****uno****, **laura macshane**, 6finger, activities weeks, aduele, ali, ali dropping-parsons green, ali's house-blazing, alis pooproblems, amber bednall, aob, bannannas, barn elms, beatrix, being barefoot, belly piercings, bessies===a million times, blagdens, bowling, boyed like a bitch, burger king, cafe nero, cards-irish slam, cessca, chris crampsie, cigarettes, clapham common-the paddling pool, clapham junction, corks, dario, david, destinys child, donde estas yolande!, eighties music, ella, fabric, fag corner, finding nemo, firestarter, fireworks, georgia, georgias dads restaurant, georgias legend drop, georgias mums food, graham&rufus, halloween, hard rock cafe, history trips, hurdles, hyde park, imo being a lesbian, imogen, j-lo play, jess : ) wonderwall, jess' chicken-the hit!, jewish clown, kerfufel, lastday church, linda linehan, lollypops, loom, marron 5, mia and jack graham, miss ghosh ray, mmmbop, mr.mayne, ms nelson, natashas, neurofen, new year, nsf, oc, oxford, pancakes, pippa carveth-just for rhian, pure and simple-hearsay, revision on windows, rhian, robin gisby-diamond geezer, rounders, rusts, salt and vinegar crisps, shisha, slavka and her pigs, smartie cookies, snow, sophie j, sophie k, sophie the rudgyal, tampons, tennis, the 9y dance--e-e-e-e-e-excellent [scrape], the drinks machine, the snack machine, thorpe park!, tracksuits, usher, vaj and peter, vikki, vikkis cooking, volleyball, wandsworth common, west brompton-shitttt, white hart, will drabble, wimbledon with the train